Since I started writing fiction a few years back, I’ve been asking authors at what point in their lives they decided that writing fiction was their calling. Most of them told me they couldn’t remember a time when they didn’t want to be writers, which means they’ve spent a lifetime honing their craft and finding their voices.

I, on the other hand, discovered fiction writing at about the same time I started collecting social security. You’d think someone who was old enough to retire would be well acquainted with her own voice. But I’ve discovered that finding one’s voice is a lifetime journey.

Writing fiction wasn’t something I’d planned to do after I retired. Having spent most of my career as a technical writer, I expected to explore more “structured” writing opportunities like grant writing, or marketing. I had also written some humor pieces for local newspapers, so maybe that would be my focus. Then I took a creative writing class and discovered I had a talent for making things up.

My writing teach encouraged me to submit my first story to literary magazines. By a stroke of luck, my story was published, leading me to believe that getting published was a walk in the park. After receiving enough rejection slips to paper my powder room walls, I learned that the path to publication was steep and rocky. But I persisted, and a number of my stories and poems have appeared online and in print.

I am now compiling a collection of my stories entitled Finding Her Voice–a title that reflects my continuing journey as a writer.